Omar Sáenz Herrera

Co-founder | UK Director

I am a cyber security engineer and cloud specialist helping organisations design, build and test secure products in the cloud aligned to business needs as well as compliance and regulatory requirements. I have worked as an architect and project manager in multiple projects bringing my problem solving and consulting skills combined with technical cloud and security expertise to drive end-to-end security features into products.

My areas of expertise include cloud security (AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure), DevSecOps, application security engineering, security architecture, Identity and Access Management and SAP security.

My goal is to inspire new generations of cyber security professionals by sharing real life experiences and connecting students, professionals and organisations through the ISC(2) London Chapter and other non-profit organisations. I promote Mexican talent across all Europe and facilitate knowledge transfer between European and Mexican organisations with focus on technology and cyber security industries.

Other areas of interest include cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps practices and tools.